-Established 1946-

Proudly serving Niagara Falls, Chippawa, NOTL and all surrounding communities as a leading youth development organization in Leadership & Community Service, Physical Fitness, and On-Water Activities.


Due to the current situation, the Canadian Cadet Organizations has suspended operations across the country until 31 August 2020 (minimum).  Once permitted to resume activities, the Corps will be back ready to inspire & lead our cadets and welcome new cadets.  Check out our Facebook (CLICK HERE) and Instagram (CLICK HERE) pages to keep up-to-date on activities and training we have going on during the stand-down.  

We are still available for cadets to enroll new cadets into the Corps.  Please contact the Commanding Officer to get the process started!

Also, check out the website the Mission: I’m Possible Workout (CLICK HERE) challenge and get involved in the physical fitness program from the comfort of your home.


Thank you,
Lt(N) J. Tremblay
Commanding Officer

Get on Board!

Royal Canadian Sea Cadets appeal    to young people (12-18) craving exciting nautical activities where their personal limits as individuals and team-members will be tested.  Learn about the naval and maritime environment by participating in a variety of activities on and off the water.

Sea Cadets specialize in sailing, seamanship, canoeing, shipboard life, naval communications, outdoor adventure training, leadership, power boat handling, citizenship, boat repair, sports & fitness and marine engineering.

Sea Cadets is a youth program that is free for any youth ages 12-18.  Everything is provided to the cadet and there are no hidden fees of costs.


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The hands-on activities, exciting challenges and leadership opportunities for Sea Cadets are many. Canada’s motto, A Mari usque ad Mare (“From Sea to Sea“) can be applied to Sea Cadets. Given Canada’s abundance of water and shoreline, the opportunities are many whether inland or on either coast .You are bound to observe a Sea Cadet making a splash somewhere, from sea to sea


103 RCSCC NIAGARA wishes to express their many thanks to the sponsors of the cadet corps and their continued success in servicing the youth of Niagara

Navy League of Canada – Niagara Falls Branch

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